A Monster Thank You!

Just over a week ago, Matt Archer: Legend went live. The response to the book astonished me, and I’d like to thank all the readers who came back to visit Matt again. He’s quite glad, otherwise I would’ve had to send him back to Greenhill High to stay. Instead, it looks like he’ll fight on in books 4 and 5!

Snoopy Happy DancerA number of people have asked about the schedule for the last two books. Book 4 should come out in very early 2014 (late December if I can help it, but certainly by January 15). Book 5, the final full-length novel, will come out this time next year. And I’m going to throw a hint…there’s a Matt Archer Sekrit Project in the works for late 2014. After that, I plan to start a new series for 2015. More on that next year, but it’s going to be older and edgier than Matt, likely a type of mystery series suitable for readers ages 14+. I hope you’ll give it a whirl!

Finally, to show my thanks, I’d like to do a series of character interviews/alt POV short stories kind of like I did with Mike and Mamie earlier this year. Who would you like to hear from? If I were to interview Matt’s Mom, what questions would you ask her? Or how about Badass Aunt Julie? Or Johnson? Any of these characters are fair game. Let me know and over the course of the next few months, I’ll post from tidbits. Give me some ideas and we’ll see what we get!

Again, thank you for all your support! Matt’s already working hard in MA4. Last night, I left him passed out in his sleeping bag, one hand in the sun, to recover from a brush with the Dark. He and Will both have had quite a rough go of it so far…but I have a feeling this story is going to be my favorite so far. : )


P.S. (The new look on the blog is due to a “catastrophic code failure” with my old website that my web hosting service can’t decipher. Just thought you ought to know. : D)


  • I’d love to see a Will POV! 🙂 he is integral to the story, and yet we don’t get much insight to his head.

  • I’d like to read an interview with Jorge–he’s so important to the story, but we don’t actually see him much. One thing I think would be really interesting is a conversation between Jorge and Mamie, they are the two “brains” of the team, but so very different. Sure, it would tough getting them in the same place, but there’s always Skype.

  • I’d also love to see inside Will’s head–perhaps during one of the fights or when he and Matt trained. Also, I’d have to agree that seeing more of Jorge would be awesome. And I fear if he and Mamie got together the world would explode out of sheer epic-ness.

  • Great suggestions! I have a blog interview with Will coming up on my blog tour in July, but it might be fun to rewrite a certain scene from his POV, no? : ) Jorge and Mamie factor into the story more for the remaining arc, and Kelly — they do eventually meet and if the scene works like I hope…it *will* be epic. : D

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