Winners, Bloodlines ARC Giveaway and One Last Teaser

Greetings Monster Hunters, and welcome to the last blog post before Bloodlines releases on January 4th. I hope you and yours have an awesome holiday!

Up first, it’s time to announce the winners of the Bloodlines ARC giveaway! ::drumroll::

 James Scott and Katy Peppel Holder!

Congrats! I’ll be sending along your copies later today. And thanks to everyone who entered. ::happy sigh:: I love giveaways.

Now, as promised, here’s one last teaser from Bloodlines to tide you over until the release. This one is particularly creepy and leads up to one of the freakiest scenes in the entire series.  Oh, that brings me to an important announcement. MA4, like MA3, is absolutely PG-13. It is not intended for younger readers. Please be advised.

Okay, on with the excerpt. See you on the other side!


* * *


Dad drew a sharp breath and took off for the building at a sprint. Dorland staggered out before he got there and vomited all over the ground. The same Dorland who watched everything with detachment, like they were merely targets to be hit. Dad passed him and bolted inside.

I glanced over at Blakeney, who stood guard at the edge of the compound. In the light of the flare, his face was drawn and he stared into the distance like he didn’t see us at all.

“What’s in there?” I asked. When Uncle Mike didn’t answer, I gripped his bicep. “Mike, look at me.”

Calling him Mike snapped him out of his angry simmer. “I’m going to hate myself forever for putting you through this, Chief.”

I took a step away from him. “You ordered me to stay out. Whatever I do now is my own fault.”

He didn’t stop me as I crossed the compound. Dorland sat slumped against the wall of one of the outer buildings. He looked up when I passed and shook his head. I heard voices when I reached the door. Dad and Lanningham must be inside.

Taking a shaking breath, I pushed open the door. A few battery-operated lanterns had been set up along a long hallway running along the back wall of the building. To the right, an open doorway led to a kitchen. The next was a small storage room that smelled of strange spices and a faint musky odor, almost like skunk.

But none of it overpowered the stench of rot coming from the doorway at the end of the hall. I crept slowly that way. There was still time to leave. To avoid seeing whatever was in that room. But my feet had a mind of their own, dragging me toward that final door.

Three steps away, my dad’s voice became distinct. “…digital camera and specimen containers. We’re not going to want to transport any of the rest.”

His voice was cold, unemotional. The super spy had come to work while others flinched.

“Will do,” Lanningham answered. Unlike the rest of Uncle Mike’s team, he didn’t sound like he was freaking out. Instead he sounded incredibly sad. And that was worse.

He came into the hall and jerked to a stop when he saw me. “Officer Archer? Matt’s out here. Should I take him back to the major?”

The pause went on so long, I wondered if my dad was debating himself or ignoring us. Finally, he said, “I’m afraid he needs to see this. He’ll probably understand it better than I do.”

Lanningham squeezed my shoulder, then stepped aside.

Wondering what I’d find, I went through the doorway.

Matt Archer: Bloodlines eARC giveaway!

Greetings Monster Hunters! 

Well, it’s almost that time. Per my Facebook postMatt Archer: Bloodlines will hit online bookstores on January 4th. I’m  finishing final edits now. In celebration (because these last edits are always the most tedious, and I’m so glad I’m almost done), I want to have a giveaway!  Two ARC** copies of Bloodlines are up for grabs. See the Rafflecopter link below for details. 

Next week, I’ll post a final teaser (and announce the winners of the giveaway), then the old blog will go dark for a bit while I prepare everything for launch day.  In answer to a question I’ve been getting, yes, there is a fifth Matt Archer book in the works. MA5 is the final book in the series and will come out Summer 2014 (date TBD).  Bribes of chocolate do help me work faster…well, it was worth a shot, right? : D

Have a great week!

And if you see the Abominable Snowman, tell him I said hi…



**Advanced Reader Copies are not final and may vary from the published version.**

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Here We Go Again: Bigfoot Genome

Greetings Monster Hunters! How’s everyone been? I’ve just started my final big editing pass before sending MA4 to my beta readers. I’ll probably be posting somewhat sporadically until Bloodlines comes out so I can ensure the book is good to go on January 4. 

Here’s a parting discussion topic for y’all while I’m heads down working, though. I thought we could chat about something definitely in the realm of weird. A group of scientists (in Texas…of course, it had to be Texas) claim they’ve mapped the Bigfoot Genome.


That’s right. Welcome to the realm of Jurassic Park, mammal style!

So, what do you think? Did they really do it? Is this Fringe science? And should we be poking into stuff like this? (Ooooh, there’s a good, lengthy debate question.) Perhaps my favorite comment on the article asks why is it that we can use tiny cameras to get crystal clear pictures (for less savory activities) and yet every picture of “Bigfoot” is blurry? Is it a “go on faith and believe” thing? Or a giant hoax a la Jackalope hunts?

Comment at will, being excellent to one another as we do so. 

See y’all on the flip side. Oh, and FYI, if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you might want to (check out the form on the sidebar). The exclusive, newsletter-only Will Cruessan POV story will drop sometime in mid-December. A hint–you might get to see/hear what he’s thinking during a certain fight in Africa. Just saying…

An Early Halloween Treat: Matt Archer Bloodlines Cover Reveal!

Greetings monster hunters! I hope you’re all well and in the Halloween spirit, because I have a treat for you. The cover of Matt Archer: Bloodlines (MA4):


Matt-Archer-Bloodlines-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find this cover supremely creepy. AND I LOVE THAT! The compass is important (you’ll find out why very early in the book) and the backdrop is the desolation of the Australian Outback. As you can surmise from the title, this one focuses a lot on family…and gives (a few) answers about the Archers.  There are some seriously big revelations, too.

I’m in the midst of editing right now, getting the book ready to send to my editor, Cassandra, next week. After her pass, I’ll have one more cycle before it goes to my betas for the final read. Getting closer every day. Oh, and this one’s going to be a little longer than the others. Hope you don’t mind. : )

The cover reveal isn’t the only treat I have…below you’ll find a teaser of chapter one of Bloodlines. I left y’all–and Matt–hanging at the end of Legend, so this is a little peace offering to keep you going until Bloodlines’ release in early January. For those of you subscribed to my newsletter, I’ll be sending out all of Chapter One on Halloween proper, so if you haven’t signed up, do it today so you won’t miss out!

Without further ado…a sneak peek of Matt Archer: Bloodlines:


Chapter One


When I was fourteen, I picked up a knife and started a fight that was named mine long before I was born. When I was fifteen, I was forced into a war against creatures the rest of humankind should never know about—and they won’t if I have anything to do about it. When I was sixteen, I became a slave to my destiny, and the spirits who guided it.

Now I’m seventeen, and the fault, a man once said, is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Or in my case, my blood. Which is why I was chosen. And why I have to fight.

My name is Matt Archer. And I am my father’s son.


* * *


“I’ll kill you!  I’ll kill all of you and drink your blood!”

My best friend was in rare form this evening. Will had been ranting like that ever since he managed to spit out the bandana we’d gagged him with. No one felt like dealing with him, though, so we didn’t bother shoving the gag back in.

Still, I felt responsible for his well-being, even if Will was possessed by a demon and not his usual happy asshat self. I grabbed an MRE—a hamburger patty for the entree—and ducked inside the command tent, one of the few left standing after last night’s monster attack. The interior smelled like sweat, piss and…burned bacon?

“Gross, dude,” I told not-Will. “You smell like a prison latrine.”

Not-Will spit at me. His face was pale in the dim light, but his eyes glowed a brilliant jade green. “You’ll beg for mercy before the end.”

“That’s getting really old. Why don’t you give your voice a rest, okay?” I held up the MRE. “I’m guessing that even demons have to eat. You hungry?”

Not-Will shut up for a moment, but his muscles still strained against the towing cable keeping him tied to his cot. My best friend, at six-four and two-hundred-forty pounds, was pretty strong on his own. Add in a little dark magic, and he was like a tank with legs. It had taken three guys to tie him up, and the Humvee’s towing cable—one end still attached to the vehicle—had been the only thing hefty enough to keep not-Will chained.

“I would appreciate a meal,” he said in a formal, polite voice.

That wasn’t like the real Will, either.

“Okay. I’ll feed you and bring you some water, if only to keep your mouth full so you can’t scream at us for a while.”

I opened the MRE, discarding anything not-Will could use as a weapon if he got loose. Because his hands were tied behind his back, I had to feed him.

“Seriously, man, if you remember any of this after we exorcise you, you’ll never live it down,” I muttered as not-Will chomped up his food like a rabid dog.

“I’ll kill you soon, so none of that matters,” not-Will said, smiling and showing me bits of carrot in his teeth.

In any other situation, I’d have laughed. This evening, I had too much on mind to find any of this funny.

Badass Aunt Julie poked her head in the tent while I attempted to shovel applesauce into not-Will’s mouth. She wrinkled her nose at the stench. “Poor Will.”

“Hello, gorgeous.” Not-Will leered at my aunt, and his eyes roamed every part of her body. Even wearing desert print battle-dress uniform, Aunt Julie was gorgeous…and no one but my Uncle Mike had license to look at her that way. My fists clenched as he said, “Think I’ll keep you around a while after I’ve killed all the men. We could have a little fun.”

Aunt Julie gave not-Will a dangerous smile. The demon must not know who he was dealing with. “I’d like to see you try. I could kill you with a nail. Or a spoon.” Her smile faded into a scowl. “Or a tire-iron. I’m not picky.”

“Captain, did you need something?” I asked, not in the mood to break up a tent brawl. When in doubt, interrupt.

“Sorry,” she said, rubbing her eyes. “The major got worried so I came to check on you.”

I shrugged; Major Tannen—also known as my Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie’s husband—had reason to worry. Right now, it seemed like this day would never, ever end.

I’d gotten most of the food into not-Will’s mouth and I was ready to escape. “Will, if you’re in there, kick that demon’s ass, okay? See you later.”

We’d barely cleared the tent before he started screaming threats again. Every muscle in my back tensed up. “Tell the major I’ll be at the other end of camp.” I jabbed a thumb at the command tent. “I don’t think I can handle listening to that anymore.”

Aunt Julie patted my shoulder. “We’ll fix it. Agent Archer thinks his contact with the local Nocturna Maura coven can help displace Will’s demon.”

Agent Archer…maybe if I called him that—instead of Dad—this whole situation would be a little less weird.

I doubted it, though. “I need some air.”

I stalked to the far end of camp and settled down facing west. The sun was beginning to set, and I needed its warmth and protection for as long as it lasted. Night would bring horrors, and I had to be prepared to fight them.  

I reached into my left jacket pocket and pulled out the St. Christopher medal my girlfriend had given me more than a year ago. I turned it over and over in my hand.  I missed Ella like crazy, and the medal gave me hope that I’d live to see another dawn.

Dad came striding out of the HQ tent and headed my direction. He didn’t see Uncle Mike step out behind him, his right arm bound up in a sling. Not-Will had dislocated Uncle Mike’s shoulder in addition to breaking my nose last night. Mike watched Dad’s progress with narrowed eyes. I let out a long breath. As if I didn’t have enough to deal with; now I was caught in a tug of war between the guy who fathered me and the man who raised me. My life could easily be a three-ring circus for all the chaos and drama going on around me.

“Tink, think you could, I don’t know, teleport me somewhere?”

No answer.

“Crap, now I’m missing you and Ella. How’s that for irony?”

Still nothing. Yeah, Tink was well and truly gone. Our knife-spirits had been banished somehow. Not-Will had told us his mistress had sent them away. As angry as I’d been with Tink when we left on this mission, the absence of her presence in my head left an echoing emptiness. And despair, too. How could we complete this operation without the spirits’ help? I had to get her back somehow, if not for me, for Will. I’d seen Tink save someone else from a demon possession—maybe she’d be able to help Will, too.

If only I could find her.

Trick or Treat: Coming Soon

Cat on BroomGreetings Monster Hunters!

We’re closing in on Halloween and I hope to have something very special to share with you then–the Matt Archer: Bloodlines cover and a sneak peek!  The book is slated to drop in early January, and I’ll be keeping you updated here, but I’ll also say that subscribers to my newsletter will be getting a few extra “treats” along the way–extended sneak peeks, book discounts and an exclusive short story starring Will Cruessan! So, sign up before Halloween and stay in the know!

Well, I better get back to writing. I’m in the second editing round on the manuscript now, and made some really big strides in tightening up the plot, with help from my awesome husband. Seriously, y’all, he keeps me sane during this phase of the process.  I’m even going on an extended weekend writing retreat next week and he’s holding down the fort while I’m gone.

In the meantime, here are links to various teasers and character interviews/stories I’ve done over the last year or so to tide you over until the cover reveal:

On the Record with Major Tannen

Interview with Jorge

Dani Archer: Heartbreak and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Mamie Archer to the Rescue! Part One  and Part Two

Cut Scene from Blade’s Edge (Will’s football game)

Cut Scene: Mamie’s Nickname

MA4 teaser One, Two, Three, Four


Finally, here’s one last little nugget: Matt’s decided his “song” for book 5 will be “Monster” by Imagine Dragons*:

*(Note: I couldn’t find a single “lyric video” on YouTube that had the lyrics 100% right. This is the closest. The song was written for Infinity Blade 3. Ironic, huh? : D)


Pentagrams: A Defense

golden ratio

Greetings Monster Hunters! Today, we’re going to have a little history lesson, stemming from a review on Blade’s Edge. First, dear Reviewer, God love you. I truly mean that. It was a lovely, kind review, and I thank you for leaving it. However, I want to take a moment to set the record straight about the poor maligned pentagram, because I see your point. It’s hard to get comfortable with something if you’ve been told it’s only used in relation to dark, evil things. It wasn’t always that way, though, and I think we need to provide a little more context so people won’t be afraid of it.

Yes, the poor maligned pentagram. So many people see it as a Satanic symbol, and why not? The Satanists claimed it. What most people don’t realize is that the Satanists use a flipped over-pentagram, circumscribed in a circle (as a Pentangle) with the single point pointing down to make the whole shape resemble a goat’s head. (I’ll let you Google that one if you want to see it. I prefer not to provide links here.)

But that’s not always how a pentagram was viewed. In fact, a right-side up pentagram (simply a word for a five-pointed star bisected by lines to form a pentagon at the center) is a symbol found in multiple religions, including Christianity. No, really, the Christians claimed this symbol all the way into the Middle Ages–the five points were considered symbols of the five wounds Jesus sustained on the cross. A pentagram is also prized because of its aesthetically pleasing dimensions, as shown by the golden ratio pentagram figure shown above (the link takes you to Wikipedia if you want the actual equation). And it’s not only the whole figure–the triangles are in balance, too. Mathematicians and artists have been using and studying this particular shape for literal ages.  Five triangles formed from a regular pentagon to create a mathematical perfection? Of course geometry teachers would love them! (Although, that might prove that pentagrams are evil…hmmm).

Anyway, I digress. My original point is simple. This symbol has been relatively innocent in its use until the last few centuries. As a result, its connotation is automatically assumed to be evil. But a symbol–any symbol–only holds power because we allow it. So I’m taking the pentagram back. My good guys wear right-side up pentagrams. Five points, five wielders. The bad guys (in Legend) are ascribed to an upside-down pentagram…and pervert the symbol to their own use.

Oh, and this is a hint: it serves as a mnemonic to the ancient Chinese representing the five phases…aka, the five elements (wood, metal, water, fire, earth). Just saying…

So…any other thoughts on the pentagram? Are there any other symbols you think should be “reclaimed” from a twisted use?


Dani Archer: Heartbreak and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Every once in a while, I get the urge to look at a scene from another character’s point of view. Yesterday as a I was driving home, Dani Archer, Matt’s mom, was quite insistent that we hear her side of the story. The scene I kept seeing…well, it’s a powerful one, at least to me. A mother’s love is an awesome thing when you think about it…


Heartbreak and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Mamie and I waited outside the terminal, waiting for Matt to get home. I’d never get used to this. Never. He was only fifteen years old, and out with the Army, hunting things Stephen King couldn’t even dream up. Every time he left, my heart cracked just a little more…not that I’d ever tell him. He had to see me strong, otherwise I was afraid he’d worry about us too much and forget to worry about himself.

Cold air blew inside from the automatic doors leading to the arrival level and I shivered. It probably wasn’t just from a chill, though. I was on edge, worried what I’d see when my son arrived. Mike had told us what happened in Afghanistan, probably to spare Matt from reliving it. If my brother was worried, it was bad. I knew about the broken arm…and the dead soldier. God, Matt was too young to deal with this, and it made me angry. But there were some things you couldn’t protect your children from, despite the very best intentions. Sometimes, their hearts had to be broken so they’d be stronger and wiser in the end.

I wasn’t sure this was one of those times.

Mamie touched my arm, her eyes round and worried, nodding at the terminal door. There, in a crowd of business travelers, vacationers and grandparents coming to visit grandchildren, was Matt. He walked out carrying nothing but a backpack and a duffel bag, shoulders straight and chin high. To any stranger, he probably looked like a tough kid returning from a disastrous ski run, what with the cast and the bruises. But I saw through it. I could see what no one else could. He was almost broken, in ways I thought might never mend.

“Oh, honey,” I breathed. My little boy, the baby of my family, wasn’t a kid anymore. This trip had changed him irrevocably. And all I could do was watch.

I took a step forward and opened my arms, hoping he’d accept the invitation. Hoping he hadn’t become so numb or hardened that his mom wasn’t enough. He paused for a heartbeat, then another and another. It was like he’d been frozen in place.

Wondering if I’d be rejected, I went to him and wrapped him up in a hug. Matt stood stiff in my embrace for a moment, before lowering his face to my shoulder. “Get me out of here.”

He sounded stretched to the end of his endurance. I waved at Mamie. “Go for the car. Hurry.”

I hustled Matt out of the terminal before he broke in front of everyone and kept an arm around his waist while we waited for the van. We didn’t wait long; poor Mamie screeched up to the curb like car-jackers were after her. I’d never seen her drive so recklessly, but I wasn’t angry. She understood as well I did what we were trying to do.

I flung the sliding door open and pushed Matt through, making sure to take his bags so he could climb in without bumping his broken arm. He slid across the seat, breathing hard. His hands were fists, pressed tight against his legs, as if this was the only thing keeping him together. I climbed in and slammed the door shut. Before even buckling up, I told Mamie, “Go.”

She took off, speeding through the airport, while I turned to Matt. “You’re home now. You’re home now.”

He seemed to melt right before my eyes, and he dropped his head in my lap, grabbing fistfuls of my shirt hem. Then he cried. This child hadn’t cried since he was eight years old; at least, not in front of me. Yet, here he was, very nearly a man, sobbing like his soul depended on it. I caught Mamie’s eye in the review mirror. Tears were running down her face, too. I managed a sad smile; this child cried at puppy food commercials. Her heartbreak was genuine, though. Mine was, too. But being a mother meant I couldn’t give in to the pain–and the fury–I felt over Matt’s hurt. Because I was furious. I hated the knife, I hated the Army, I hated monsters and I hated fate. The mother-dragon in me woke, burning with the need to flame everything that made my happy-go-lucky son feel so much, drowning in sorrow over the death of a friend.

Somehow, I held it together long enough to make it home and help Matt upstairs. He’d stopped crying by then, and that was almost worse, because he looked so hollow…cored out. Not sure what else to do, I ordered him to go to bed, then hurried downstairs to cook. Making comfort food for my always-hungry, always-growing teens was the way I showed love. Nothing said, “I care,” like a gooey grilled cheese sandwich when you were a bottomless pit of a fifteen-year-old boy.

While I put together my ingredients for tomato soup, Mamie glided into the room, silent as a ghost. “Will he be okay?”

Her voice was so small, without its usual commanding confidence. I gripped the edge of the counter. I’d go hide in the bathroom soon, let it all out, but it looked like I had to hold up just a little longer. “He will, but be prepared. There’s going to be a new normal around here. He’s seen too much to be his old self and we need to adapt to the new Matt as fast as we can, for his sake.”

“I know, and I’ll adapt.” She touched my arm. “Why don’t you let me make the soup. I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Leave it to my empathetic Mamie to know what I was hiding just under the surface. I kissed her cheek before retreating to my room. “Thank you.”

How did my kids grow up to be so exceptional? I was lucky, that had to be the reason.

When the tears finally fell, the sorrow was mixed with pride.


**Photo by Sheri Richards**

Two Monsters and a Plate of Cookies

Hi everyone! I’m on the road for work this week, but wanted to share something really fun: Loki and Cookie Monster learning about “delayed gratification.”  Or, as most of us would put it, good things come to those who wait.

Seriously, this video made my day. Tom Hiddleston, despite his amazing turns as the monstrous Loki in Thor and The Avengers is absolutely adorable…and who doesn’t love Cookie Monster? 


Another Matt Archer 4 Teaser!

Greetings Monster Hunters!

First, I’m excited to announce that Matt Archer: Monster Hunter is FREE for a limited time on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and SmashWords (still working on Nook…).

Now, on to the fun part…I’ve been working hard to finish the first draft of MA4 (I’m writing the epilogue now), so I thought I’d drop another teaser. Here’s a little scene between Matt and his girl. Enjoy!


Will’s BMW barely vibrated as we made our way through the bumpy, pothole-filled student parking lot. Phil, the security guard, gave a us a questioning look, but Will pointed at his current student parking ID. He shrugged and went back to his metal folding chair. For all he knew we had early release or had ditched a class only to come back.

We circled the lot until we found Ella’s car, then parked and walked back to it. Penn didn’t drive, so they usually rode together. I sat on Ella’s trunk, facing the school’s back exit. Will leaned against the passenger door. Neither of us said anything while we waited for final bell to ring.

Once it did, students rushed outside, eager to escape. A few people stopped to say hello when they saw us hanging around, but most just ran by with eyebrows raised, more interested in going home than figuring out where we’d been the last several weeks and why we were here now.

Finally a familiar redhead, keeping pace with a tiny brown-haired girl, exited the school. I slid off the trunk and Will stood up straighter. It took them a minute to realize a couple of strange guys were hanging out by Ella’s car and another twenty seconds for Penn to stop short. Ella did as well, frowning my direction.

Penn let out a squeal that could probably be heard in the International Space Station and started running. Will laughed and braced himself for impact. Good thing, because Penn launched herself a good three feet to land in his arms before wrapping her legs around his waist, not seeming to notice his cast.

“Giant Will!” She planted kisses all over his face. Then she pulled away and smacked him hard on the chest. For someone so little, her hands packed a punch and Will winced.

“Ow! Destroyer, what was that for?”

“For not telling me you were coming home. Or that you broke your arm, you poor guy.” She peeked at me over his shoulder. “Welcome back.”

Without another word, she dropped to the ground, took Will’s good hand and started dragging him in the direction of his Beemer.

I laughed, watching them go. Will had his hands full, no doubt. Penn Stoyer had earned her nickname; Destroyer was a force of nature in a teeny-tiny package. Never mind that Will was fourteen inches taller and more than twice as heavy as she was—Penn was master and commander of that relationship.

I turned to face Ella. She stood ten feet away, just watching me. She was smiling, but there was this almost hungry look in her eyes. I bet I had the same expression, because I devoured her with a glance, taking in the long legs clad in a short skirt, the hypnotic green eyes and her auburn hair in one long stare.

“God I missed you,” I whispered.

She took a few steps closer, like she wanted to delay touching me, to drag this out and make it even better when we finally came together. “I missed you, too.” She scrutinized my face. “Did you break your nose? It looks different.”

“Will broke it. But that’s a really long story and I don’t want to talk about all that yet.” Later…later I’d tell her everything. Right now, I just wanted to get my fill of looking at her.

Ella drifted closer still. “Looks like your ride bugged out.”

Will and Penn were already pulling out of the parking lot. Friday was Millicent’s day off, so they’d have Will’s mini-mansion to themselves since his parents were never home, which explained the hurry.

“I was kind of hoping this gorgeous girl I have a serious crush on would give me a ride.”

She chuckled. “I think Sami Weber is still inside somewhere.”

I groaned. “Seriously? I’m back from a six week op and you bring that up? You have a sick sense of humor, Ella Mitchell.”

My Imaginary Pet Is A Dragon

Greetings Monster Hunters! Sorry for the delays in posting. It’s been a crazy few weeks (for more information, visit my sister blog here and here) and I’ve been writing furiously on MA4, so hopefully you’ll forgive my absence. 

Last week I was on a “Twitter Party” and one of the questions was “if you could have any imaginary/mythical pet or pal, what would it be?” There were a lot of votes for Pegasus, unicorns and Patronuses. All fine choices. One adventurous soul wanted to befriend a Gelfling.  I first suggested a daemon, from The Golden Compass, but as I thought about it more, I realized my heart’s true desire:



Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

I mean, just look at that face! And he flies! If I had a yard big enough for him, this is the imaginary pal I’d love to have. “Forbidden Friendship” from the soundtrack is one of the most listened to songs on my iTunes list, because something about this big scary creature with a mischievous and caring heart got to me. I’ll watch the movie anytime the kids ask and I make them be quiet during that scene. Because it’s awesome. Really.

If you could have any mythological or imaginary pal, who/what would it be?

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