Buying Books from Smashwords for iPad/iPhone


For those of you, like me, who use a tablet for reading, you find the flexibility of using different bookstores (Kindle App, Nook App, Kobo App, iBooks App) part of the appeal. However, what most people don’t know is that you can buy books from Smashwords in ANY format (including PDF) and your iPad/iPhone will load it directly to the App you choose. Since I’m no longer selling direct on iBooks, I thought it might be helpful to include a quick tutorial on how to buy and upload books on Smashwords for iPad/iPhone.  (P.S. To those of you who buy from Indie Authors, Smashwords gives the author a better cut of the list price than any vendor except Amazon.)

Wanna know how? Here you go!  (To enlarge the images, just click on them and they’ll open):

Step 1: Go to the Smashwords Homepage via Safari (or your browser of choice):


Smashwords Home Page



Step 2: Search for the book/author/series you want to find:


Smashwords Search Page

Step 3: Select the book you want to view


Book View


Step 4:  Purchase your book


Buy Link Page


Step 5: After purchase, select format (FOR iBooks, select .epub) — go to your library and select download




Step 6:  Select Where to Open Your File:

Open in iBooks


Step 7: Start Reading!!


iBooks Open

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