Climbing the Mountain

It may not last long, but I can call Matt Archer: Monster Hunter a bestseller…with a straight face. ::faints for a minute::  My fearless Matt made it all the way to #15 yesterday on the Kindle Teen Fiction list (currently I’m at #45, and by the time you read this, who knows if I’ll even be on the list). Granted, my sales will settle down from their spike, and I’ll slide  down the lists, but my hope is that I’ve gained some readers who will come back from more. 

How Matt leapt onto the Amazon Bestseller lists is easy pinpoint–I ran some strategic ads over the last week to gain exposure, and it worked. Why it happened, I think, is something else entirely.  And that’s because of you guys.

I’ve met some amazing people during the last few years by entering the writing community and I’ve built friendships, both local and long distance, via emailRock Climbing The Southwest, USA and Twitter. I’m always humbled by how much support I get from beta readers, friends and family.  Having that support in the form of reviews, retweets, word of mouth and general cheerleading often gave me courage in a tough, scary market.  Because, y’all, publishing books is like climbing a mountain. The top is steep, narrow and far, far away. To be successful, you have to face rocks slides and Yetis (and the occasional troll). So now I’m going to get mushy and say y’all are the anchors, the ropes and the hand holds that keep me from plunging off the mountainside.  (I know, I know…such mush! I’ll snap out of it soon, promise). 

So, thank you. And thanks from a certain monster hunter who’s currently being forced to return to school after a long hunt, where a host of problems await. (His creator tends to be kind of mean to him… :: evil cackle:: — see, I told you the mush wouldn’t last!)

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