Dead Week

You know that week in school where all assignments are lifted so you can study your butt off for finals?  It’s called Dead Week around here…appropriate, because everyone feels dead at the end of it, limping over the finish line in pure exhaustion.

Yeah…that’s where I am this week. Matt Archer: Legend goes live this coming weekend (be on the lookout for a formal announcement here, on Facebook and on Twitter). I also have a major edit due on another project on Thursday (go here to see what I’m working on). On top of that, I’m getting ready for blog tours. Oh, and I’m leaving for a big conference for work on Saturday, which I have to attend for my professional certification.  Things still on my to-do list after all that? I need to start a beta read for a crit partner and get cracking on MA4. I plan to release it in early 2014, so there’s a ton of work to be done.

yawning girlOn Monday, I plan to sleep through the keynote presentation at the conference. Hey, it doesn’t count for credit, and I’ll probably be a pile of mushy goo by then. But it’s a good kind of exhaustion. Unlike finals, there’s a definite payoff. I get to launch a book I’m really excited about. I’ll hear if my other project is ready to pass to the final editing stage or not. I’ll earn credits toward my professional certification. And I’ll hear from bloggers what they think about MA3.  (FYI — the tour runs from July 1 through July 26, and there’s a giveaway, so come back here for details!)

Most of all, I have the privilege of doing something I love–providing a story I hope resonates (and entertains!) readers.  For that, I’m willing to stumble about like a zombie for the next few weeks.

How about you? Any labors of love you’re willing to give up sleep for?


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