Everything Creepy Is New Again

Hello! Welcome to Monsters and Mayhem…it’s been a while. : )

As promised, today we’re going to talk about a trend in film:  Horror Movie Reboots.

The horror flick genre has always been about sequels, sequels, prequels, spin-offs and…more sequels. I mean, we’re up to what…926 Friday the 13th movies? But, like with other vehicles (Superhero movies come to mind), the old classics are getting a reboot to expose them to new, younger audiences who typically watch horror movies.

And guess what? Friday the 13th — the “original” was rebooted in 2009.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another classic reboot. The original came out in 1974 and became a cult classic. It was rebooted 10 years ago, in 2003. And, believe it or not, Jessica Biel (aka Mrs. Justin Timberlake) had a starring role.  Like many things, the original’s fan ratings are quite a bit higher than the new version.

Another example? The Exorcist — a movie that scared me so bad, I’ve only seen about ten minutes worth. The head-spin was enough to send me into nightmare-ville as a kid and I never watched it again. And, funny enough, it also came out in 1973. Now, the “reboots” weren’t the same story redone, but rather a series of copy-cats that launched throughout the last 20 years or so, including a prequel in 2004.

And how about those zombies? Night of the Living Dead has spawned a number of reboots. With the current Zombie fad, that’s not hard to figure out…Night was the original zombie-apocalypse flick, with  Zombieland and The Walking Dead relaunching it back into the mainstream.

Finally, under the heading “nothing is sacred” — Psycho was rebooted in the 90s. That one hurt my heart a little — who reboots Hitchcock? Oh, I know — Gus Van Sant. Now, I love Gus’s work (Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies), but seriously? That took chutzpah, and not in a good way.

So what horror movie reboots have you seen? And, more importantly, which ones do you want to see remade? For pure cheesiness, I’d love to see Night of the Comet remade. With better special effects, Comet could be scarier than ever.


  • Off the top of my head, any reboots I’ve seen didn’t make an impression over the originals, or enough to stick in my memory. And sometimes I think with all the knock-offs, it’s difficult to really say what’s been remade, and what hasn’t.

    What remakes would I like to see? Ones that aren’t done to death. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Creature from the Black Lagoon. Dracula’s Daughter. The Invisible Woman. The Golem. All in black and white, paying homage to the original with on-the-edge-of-your-chair suspense instead of the unimaginative slasher flicks with blood flying everywhere.

  • So you’re the other person who saw “Night Of The Comet”! I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

    I would love to see a good remake of “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”, but I can’t think of anyone who could pull off the title role. Maybe Mark Sheppard?

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