Geeks of the World: Unite!

All hail the mighty Sheldon! Let’s begin by reciting our Geekdom pledge of allegiance:

*knock knock knock* Penny?

*knock knock knock* Penny?

*knock knock knock* Penny?

Excellent, this meeting of Geek Court shall now commence. Does everyone have enough Red Bull, Funyuns and M&Ms? If not, we’ll send the robot minions out for more.

As you can probably tell, I’m a proud, card-carrying Geek. I love watching The Big Bang Theory. Not only because it’s hilarious (it is), but because I live The Big Bang Theory. My Prince Charming plays video games, learns programming languages for “fun” and takes me to see Superhero movies. And I adore him for it.

You see, my husband is a software engineer. Most of his good friends are–you guessed it–IT/Engineering types. Their idea of playing football is spirited trash-talk over their fantasy leagues. They have arguments about who’s hotter: Caprica Six, or Starbuck. (Starbuck, by the way). They play D&D. No, really…the dice version. In fact, when the four of them get together, I call them Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. My husband is Raj by the way. Except he can talk to girls just fine.

I’ve always been a SciFi/Fantasy loving bookworm. I watched Krull and Star Wars and Star Trek: TOS instead of MTV. These days I watch very little TV, but when I do, it’s Fringe and Battlestar Galactica and, of course, The Big Bang Theory.  Twenty-five years ago, when I was trying to fit into the high school mainstream, I’d hide my geekier side. I’d dress like the other girls. If I read at school, I was careful to show up with lighter books (reading Dune and The Hobbit at home). Geeks weren’t cool then, and the word “fanboy” didn’t even exist. So I hid.

But now? Now it’s awesome to be a Geek. A geek renaissance so to speak. Comic-con has grown from a gathering of guys who love comic books into Hollywood’s gateway for fanboy buy-in. Want to launch a big-budget film? You better get to Comic-con. It’s become a carnival for everyone who loves Buffy, Firefly, and anything Marvel-ous.  And that “everyone” has grown to epic proportions.

“Geek Chic” is now part of our lexicon.

Or, as my CPA, mystery-reading, PhD-holding, bespectacled Dad used to say, “One day, precious, geeks will rule the world. So let it roll off when those popular girls call you weird. All that reading will pay off one day.”

My Dad was right.



  • Oh gosh, I remember those days of hiding the book I was reading under the desk, not to keep the teacher from catching me, but to keep other kids from seeing it! I’m so glad that SF&F have become more mainstream. And I am jealous that your hubby still gets to play D&D. 🙂

  • I still remember the funny looks some girls in Jr High gave me for reading THE HOBBIT after I got my work done in class. After that, I decided to figure out what all the fuss was about for VC Andrews books. Should’ve stuck with Tolkien.

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