It’s Monsters and Mayhem time! Whoohoo!

But first, I wanted to drop a quick note for those who might not have seen my “announcement” (more of a realization, actually) that I’d need five books to finish out Matt Archer’s story. I’d bargained on four, but Matt has a lot more to go through…poor guy. : )  MA3 (title and cover reveal coming in May!!) will debut in late June, and I hope you’ll join us!

Okay, speaking of reading, I’m finishing the last book in Michael Grant’s Gone series. It’s about a group of  kids (all under the age of 15) who get trapped in a dome on the California coast.  Without giving it all away, this thing reads like part soap opera and part YA-Stephen King. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but I have to give Grant props. The monsters in these books are so crazy-wild-freaky, I’m wondering what goes through the author’s head when he writes (yeah, I know, pot…meet kettle).  The writing isn’t Laini Taylor by any stretch, but even so, the books are hard to put down. In fact, I’ve likened them to crack:  really bad for you, but addictive. The storytelling just won’t let go. Hey, everyone needs a guilty pleasure, right?

I won’t lie, though, these books are rough. I’d give the series a hard PG-13, fast approaching an R in the last few. But, if you like sci-fi-esque thrillers with a healthy dose of horror (think X-Men meets The Stand) you might find them as addictive as I do. Still, it’s also an example of how the line between YA and adult fiction can be blurred sometimes. One where the good guys do awful things because they have to, and the bad guys occasionally get redeemed.

So, what’s your favorite guilty-pleasure read?



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