Has It Been Six Months Already?

Hey everyone and welcome to a special edition of Monsters and Mayhem!


Matt Archer by Alex Baird

Six months ago, Matt Archer first appeared on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. Yep, our favorite monster hunter is half a year old. I can hardly believe it, to tell the truth–it seems like a much shorter period of time. There’s been a steep learning curve on my part, but it’s been a fun ride so far.  Here are a few milestones from the last six months:

  • Two books and one short story published. Monster Hunter came out in August 2012, Monster Summer (MA 1.5) came out in October 2012, and Blade’s Edge (MA2) released in late December.
  • First draft of MA3 is complete. The release is scheduled for summer 2013, probably in the July/August time frame.
  • MA4 is in the outlining/plotting stage and a Sekrit Project is also in the works.
  • Monster Hunter has sold more than 750 copies, 600 of those on Amazon.  The series as a whole has sold 1030+ copies (not including free downloads or promotional copies for bloggers).
  • Matt and I have been on three blog tours, several features as book of the day and experienced the magic of BookBub and eReader News Today.

Thus far, I’ve been very encouraged by the response to the books. Thanks to everyone for your reviews, encouragement, word-of-mouth and generosity. It’s been a huge help while I’ve been getting started. There are a ton of people to thank and if I tried to do it by name, the list would take a few pages, so just know I’m very thankful for my readers, re-tweeters, cheerleaders and Matt’s die-hard fans.

So what’s up for the next six months? Hopefully putting out MA3, starting the draft for MA4 and the Sekrit Project, and getting my serial novellas off the ground. But I think it’s safe to say I’m finding publishing a rewarding journey, and plan to keep going.  I hope you’ll join me and Matt as we forge ahead.

In the meantime, I’d like to offer some fun stuff on the blog and want your thoughts. If I were to interview a character, who would you want to hear from?  We talked to Matt and to Mamie during the blog tours, but I’m sure they’d be happy to answer more questions. Anyone else?  Is there a particular scene you’d like to see from another character’s point of view? If so, which one, and who’s head should we be in? Give me some ideas, and I’ll work them in.

Here’s to the next six months!


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