Help Me Share a Little Monster Summer

Greetings Monster Hunters!

First, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and condolences regarding my grandma’s passing last week. She was really special to us, and today we lay her to rest. So thank you, your thoughts mean the world to me.

After a surprise snow (THUNDERSNOW at that!), my family is facing a somewhat treacherous 70 mile trip out to Grandma’s funeral today, so I’ll be brief in order to go scrape the sleet and snow off the Jeep. I’ve never been happier to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Just saying.

Now, on to the point of this post: sharing a little Monster Summer.  Two things have prompted this post. First, the revelation that a book that looks a tad like Matt Archer: Monster Hunter is traveling up Amazon’s charts this week. I won’t provide the title, but it came out after MA1 and I was a little stunned to find out about it.

Second, I’m just really boggled by Amazon.

I’ve been trying to have Amazon price-match Matt Archer: Monster Summer to free since it went free at all the other retailers…in early November. For two months, I’ve pinged the “tell us about a lower price” link, and sent them links to Barnes&Noble, Sony, Smashwords and iTurns. Nothing. The story is still $0.99 on Amazon.

So I’d love a little help. If you could follow the Amazon link to Monster Summer and click on the “Tell us about a Lower Price” Link (see picture below), a window will pop up. Select “website,” and copy/paste one of the other bookseller’s links below into the window and follow the instructions.

I would really love to offer this short story for free, because it’s fun and the first chapter of Monster Hunter is included, which gives people a risk-free way to try out the story (which is back on sale for $0.99, yay!). That, in turn, might help new people discover the other books in the series. But it’s not just that…I feel like a real heel having a short story priced the same as a whole novel on Amazon. It looks hinky, and I worry it’s turning off readers. 

Tell us about a lower price




Amazon:  Click here to access Monster Summer

Barnes and Noble (copy link and paste into Amazon’s reporting window):

Kobo (copy link and paste into Amazon’s reporting window):

Sony (copy link and paste into Amazon’s reporting window):

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your help…both in getting the word out and asking Amazon to price match this story!

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