Here We Go Again: Bigfoot Genome

Greetings Monster Hunters! How’s everyone been? I’ve just started my final big editing pass before sending MA4 to my beta readers. I’ll probably be posting somewhat sporadically until Bloodlines comes out so I can ensure the book is good to go on January 4. 

Here’s a parting discussion topic for y’all while I’m heads down working, though. I thought we could chat about something definitely in the realm of weird. A group of scientists (in Texas…of course, it had to be Texas) claim they’ve mapped the Bigfoot Genome.


That’s right. Welcome to the realm of Jurassic Park, mammal style!

So, what do you think? Did they really do it? Is this Fringe science? And should we be poking into stuff like this? (Ooooh, there’s a good, lengthy debate question.) Perhaps my favorite comment on the article asks why is it that we can use tiny cameras to get crystal clear pictures (for less savory activities) and yet every picture of “Bigfoot” is blurry? Is it a “go on faith and believe” thing? Or a giant hoax a la Jackalope hunts?

Comment at will, being excellent to one another as we do so. 

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