Hoax or real?

Greetings Monsters!

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Cute DragonSo, back to Monsters! Just for fun…check out this article. Do you think it’s really Bigfoot? Or just a hoax? Time will tell, I guess.

But, seriously, does Bigfoot exist? Nessie? Yetis?  What about something like this?

The fish is real, actually. I didn’t want to believe it was…but it’s called a Goliath Tiger fish. And if I ever see one in person, I will never swim again.

There are things we just can’t explain, though. The ocean floor is home to creatures we may never see, and honestly, outer space seems much to big to me for us to be alone out here.  And with the 4th of July coming, is there anything more American than a good UFO sighting or a crop ring? : )

What do you think? Is Bigfoot real? Or is it all the product of someone’s overactive imagination? (Heh, I get the irony of this statement.)



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  • LOL. Don’t get me started with Bigfoot. 😛 There are so many theories and conspiracy theories. One is they are descendants of the ancient ape Gigantopithecus. Other far out speculations claim government cover ups, alien origin or other dimensions. Do I think he’s real? Yes. Although because of the writer in me, it’s difficult to separate all the fascinating story fodder from the more believable fact that he is just an extremely rare, intelligent, and secretive species we have not yet encountered in North America. He’s nearly been proven in places like Russia, and in Indonesia as Orang Pendek.

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