I Know That Voice

Greetings from Monsters and Mayhem. It’s time for Friday Rambles, and I’ve thought about this post with great delight all day.

Today, you get to meet the men who could read the dictionary and send me into a helpless swoon. It’s time for Kendra’s top-five voices list!

#5.  This fellow has a very diverse career behind him, but he commands every scene he’s in. Not just because he’s an awesome actor (he is) but because his presence is so large. His voice is at once both bestirring and reassuring. Seriously, what did you expect from a man who played God? For your consideration: Mr. Morgan Freeman.



#4.  This man has voiced both Eeyore and Optimus Prime. His voice-work resume is longer than a gang-banger’s rap sheet and far more interesting….may I present Mr. Peter Cullen:



#3 Oh, he’s a newcomer, but he is…so amazing. He played a god, too–one who uses his voice and words to beguile as much as his magic. Reciting my favorite poem, is Mr. Tom “Loki” Hiddleston:

#2. A spaceship captain. A wheelchair-bound super-professor. A pirate. A Shakespearean. I imagine you don’t even need his name, but if Patrick Stewart were to promise to read me Hamlett, I’d clean his entire house. And then pay him for the privilege:


And finally,

#1.  He’s played villains and lovers, adulterers and professors. He can imbue more emotion into a single, scathing word than most of us can in a full sentence. He embodied Professor Snape and turned Colonel Brandon into a sexy, under-appreciated hero. And his voice, to me, is very near perfection. May I present Mr. Alan Rickman.



I know a few people will ask “where’s James Earl Jones?! Don’t get me wrong, the man’s voice is majestic. Who else could pull off Mufasa and Darth Vader. He’s amazing…he’s just not in my top five. It’s a personal preference, y’all.

So who else did I leave out? Who’s your favorite voice?

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  • Hmmm….. I’m noticing a DISTINCT preference for British accents.

    What, Larry the Cable Guy just doesn’t do it for you? 😛

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