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Hey! How y’all been? It’s been nuts over here, but I’m excited to say MA3 is on target to publish around (and hopefully a little before) June 25. The cover gets underway in two weeks, so I hope to reveal that–along with the title and a teaser–in early June. Yay!!

Early in the year, I promised some “extra canon” work with the secondary characters in Matt Archer’s life. When I ask people who their favorite character is (outside of Matt), I frequently hear Mamie, which makes me inordinately happy. She’s my girl. Next week I plan to post a scene from Monster Hunter from her POV, to give her some extra screen time because Mamie’s role in MA3 is fairly small. Don’t worry–she plays a big role in MA4 and MA5 (which I’m actively outlining and drafting now), but I thought I’d do this extra scene in penance for not giving her more scenes to chew in MA3. So be on the lookout next Tuesday.

White RoseBecause Mamie’s going to play a big role in the final two books, I decided I needed to get to know her a lot better. For me, the best way to learn about a character is to build a playlist in iTunes. I don’t know why, but I can “see” them better when I have their music in my head. Mamie’s a complicated girl, y’all. She loves her family with a ferocity that’s almost scary, but she’s not afraid to tell the truth in love, either. She can be toughest on those she’s closest to, especially herself. For all her knowledge, though, there’s a deep innocence. She still wears her hair in pigtails, despite being an eighteen-year-old college student. Mamie hates to hear about pain and suffering, and has a hard time with what’s happening to Matt as a result of his job. Her favorite flowers are white roses and she still sleeps with the quilt her grandma made her when she was two. Like Jorge, who’s a combination of science and the occult, Mamie’s a combination of worldliness and naiveté.

Frankly, if you needed someone pure of heart enough to pet a unicorn, Mamie’s your girl. And she could probably find you one.

She’s not weak, though, and her songs reflect that. I’m not going to list the entire playlist, because it might give too much of her story away, but here are the three most important songs in her story arc:

No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine

Adagio for Strings by Barber**

Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling

I’ll leave you to decide what they mean to her, and why.

Mamie’s playlist is now 24 songs long, so she and I are more in step. I look forward to sharing her POV story with y’all next week!



**This recording was made live on the BBC…4 days after 9/11.

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  • That’s a great idea, to create a playlist for each of your characters. I’ve done it for a book as a whole, but never for a character. Really cool idea for some extra inspiration for those characters who you feel you don’t know as well.

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