Matt Archer Omnibus

Greetings Monster Hunters!

Okay, so does the word “omnibus” make anyone else think “ominous bus” or is it just me? Heh. Well, in Matt’s case, that might be true…

I’m pleased to announce there will be a Matt Archer Omnibus of Monster Hunter, Monster Summer, Blade’s Edge and Legend coming out this fall! Hopefully by the end of September (although, work on Unstrung might pre-empt that a little). So what’s new and different about the Omnibus? It’ll include at least two brand new short stories, an author interview about the series (YOU get to ask the questions), and a character interview with Matt and Will. And just take a look at this awesome cover:

Matt-Archer-Omnibus-3D-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Now here’s the really fun part. There will be a giveaway attached to this. For anyone who reviews the omnibus when it comes out, you’ll get a free copy of the omnibus, an ARC of UNSTRUNG and be entered to win one of three copies of the Monster Hunter audio book!

I’ll put out an announcement both here and on when the giveaway starts (probably end of September), but be thinking about author interview questions, otherwise I’ll talk about whatever I like–which might be Tinker Bell figurines or why I think Nathan Fillion is hot. Next week I’ll put out a call for questions (for both me and for Matt/Will), but if you have some now, leave them in the comments, and I’ll answer what I can!

Until next week–beware of ominous buses full of monsters!


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