Greetings Monster Hunters.

As some of you have already discovered, Redemption has hit bookstores. In fact, some of the speed readers out there have already finished it and left a few reviews. I’ve been thrilled with the positive response. Here’s what they’ve had to say so far:

* * *

Matt Archer’s journey comes to a close with redemption a fitting end to a series with such spirit and emotion that i for one will be re-reading them many times.” -kantami blossom

Truly, this book is amazing. As much as it hit me with a sucker punch, it left me stunned by how strong the human spirit can be when when there’s nothing to do but give up or keep fighting. ” -riamachia

“Kendra ends her series in a climactic way. She shows Matt’s full transition to becoming an adult in world of monsters. I started reading her books when her first novel was for free and I have to say she has easily become one of my favorite authors.” -Samuel 

“When I finished book four in the Matt Archer series I really didn’t see how Kendra Highley was going to finish everything in one book. But she did, and in a satisfying (if bittersweet) fashion.” –Deanna

* * *

This series has been such a great experience for me. Having your support has made it amazing.

You can find Redemption in eBook format at Amazon, Smashwords (which also works for iPad/iPhone), and Kobo Barnes & Noble is still pending at the time of this post, but I have the issue escalated to the top support team, so hopefully it’ll be up in few days. I’ll post an update on Facebook as soon as it goes live. In the meantime, Nook users can buy the book from Smashwords and download a copy of the .ePub if you’d prefer to get the book now.

A paperback is in the works and should be available sometime in early August.  Also, I’ll be starting a blog tour at the end of this month, so be sure to check that out. I’ll be offering some behind the scenes tidbits, like my playlist for the book, etc., and there’s a giveaway. Hope to see you there!

And don’t worry–I’ll be around here with the occasional odd post about Bigfoot and some Pentagram Strike Force short stories. Have an idea for one? Drop a comment here.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss any stories, subscribe to the blog and you’ll have the posts delivered right to your email!

If you want to know about new projects, you can follow my main blog here. I’m really excited about the new series I’ll be debuting in the fall. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Again–thank you for everything. Matt thanks you, too. 

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