Matt Archer: Short Stories–Available for Pre-order Now!

Greetings Monster Hunters,

It feels a little surreal to have a new Matt Archer work coming out, but here we are! The release is now available for preorder, and on sale for $0.99 until May 30th (so pick it up early!)  The collection will release on May 13–because Friday the 13th seemed like a good idea, right? : )

To celebrate the preorder, here’s the cover, the blurb and a sneak peek at one of the brand new stories!

Matt-Archer-The-Short-Stories-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalAvailable May 13th, on pre-order now at:

Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and B&N (soon)

An addendum to the popular Matt Archer: Monster Hunter series, this story collection includes short stories from before, during, and after the main book series. These stories include the point of view from multiple characters in the Matt Archer universe: Uncle Mike, Aunt Julie, Dani Archer, Erik Archer, Mamie Archer, Will Cruessan, Ella Mitchell and more—even a new story starring Matt Archer himself.

For fans of the series, these short stories will fill in some blanks, give you a glimpse of the future, and complete your collection—including previously seen stories from the blog and the Omnibus, plus eight brand new stories.


Excerpt from Father of the Year, starring Erik Archer:


A flush of shame burned its way up my neck. I hadn’t seen Matt since he was two weeks old, and this is how we reconnect—in clearing surrounded by a group of ragged tents in the middle of Australian Outback?

Father of the Year, right here. I deserved a medal.

“This wasn’t the way I wanted to meet you, son,” I said, hoping he wouldn’t run like he did earlier. Okay, run wasn’t fair. More like stomped away in silent rage. Now that Mike and I had him cornered near a Humvee, maybe we could sort things out a little more.

Matt shook his head. “Uncle Mike, where did he come from?”

He. Not Dad, or my father, or even “my old man.” He, like I was an uninvited houseguest instead of the one man who could help these Green Berets pull free of their predicament. Getting to know me would be low on my kid’s list of priorities, no doubt.

Mike’s sigh spoke volumes. He wasn’t excited to see me either. If his wife hadn’t been faster than both of us, I’d probably have a black eye and a bruised kidney, and Mike would be sporting a few broken ribs. I knew I was being suffered at the will of one Captain Julie Hunter-Tannen, and I was going to damn well do what she said until I understood what the hell they wanted from me.

“You know we need a specialist,” Mike said. “Your fa—I mean, Officer Archer has more knowledge on Nocturna Maura than anyone outside the cult. He’s our lead.”

Matt rolled his shoulders, like he was trying to shrug off the reason I had to be here. “Fine. That has nothing to do with me. I’m here to hunt…and to cure Will.”

Almost as if the possessed boy heard his name, he screeched, “I will erase your names from history. You’ll be a disgrace to your ancestors and your women will weep!”

My son’s already drawn face froze in an expression between helplessness and ferocity. “Can you fix that?”

“Un-possess that young man? No.” I’d give anything to say yes, all things considered.  “But I might know someone who could.”

Matt shook his head. “Not good enough, which means you’re no use to me. I’m a tool—that’s all. You want to discuss leads and strategy? Go find Aunt—Captain Tannen.”

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