Matt Archer: The Short Stories–Now on Sale!

Matt-Archer-The-Short-Stories-800 Cover reveal and Promotional
It’s here, Monster Hunters! It’s finally here! The newest installment in the Matt Archer series–the short story collection–is on sale. Woot!

For those of you who’ve followed the blog for a while, you know I occasionally write stories outside the main novels and, for the last year, readers have asked to put those stories into book format. As a result, the collection was born, which includes a number of new stories, and stories not published on the blog (from the Omnibus, for example). Five of the new stories happen at the end of Redemption or after it…want to see what Matt’s life is like after West Point? Yep, it’s in there.

As a thank you to all the readers who continue to follow Matt, the ebook is on sale at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, and B&N and will be on sale for $0.99 through 5/31. After that, it goes to its regular price of $1.99. 

Finally, not to drop any spoilers, there’s been a request to explore the world of Erik Archer. If I write it, it will be an ADULT BOOK, probably not for readers under 16. So, adult Matt readers, any interest? It would be a while before I can get to it (I have four other projects in the hopper at the moment, including the conclusion to the UNSTRUNG trilogy), but if I can think of enough story material, would you want to read it?

Thanks again for all the great support! And, until next time, beware of monsters…



  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE ABOUT ERIK! Wow, would that be one thrilling and amazing story. I’d love to know about his original military career and when he began working for the CIA. His perspective and conflict over some of the things he’s hinted he has done and the dedication he has to his country all really piqued my interest, so if you write this I will definitely buy it!

  • YES!!! Please write about Erik. I would love to read it!!!

    Also, will the short stories be offered in paperback as well? I have the MA series in paperback and I’d love to add the short stories. =)

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