Monster Mash-Up

baby FrankensteinI’m sitting with my daughter, watching Dancing with the Stars (it’s our Monday Night Thing together), and I got to thinking how I could make reality TV more awesome.

You add monsters.

So everyone knows about the super-popular classic book/monster mash-ups like PRIDE AND PREJUDICED AND ZOMBIES or ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

Well, let’s take that a step  further, shall? How about reality show reboots with actual monsters? Awesome, right??

I can see it now: Dancing with the Zombies, where celebrities tango with the undead for fame and prizes. Celebs who avoid getting bitten and contracting the zombie virus get bonus points.

Or how about Werewolf Survivor? A group of attractive, athletic singles are air-dropped onto a tropical island the day before a full moon–and a pack of Weres on the loose. Hilarity ensures!

Oh! Monsters’ Got Talent would be a total hit. A seven-armed squid-man juggling act? A skeleton singing Monster Mash while playing the bones.  A stomp routine by a group of Frankenstein’s monsters? Brilliant!

What others shows can we think up?  A singing competition with sirens?  What else would be a hit?


  • Cooking with Dracula! I can see it now…bloody marries and blood berry pie! Ewe by the way 🙂 that would be insanely gross…perfect!!

  • Ooh! Cooking with Count Chocula! All desserts, all the time, including blood pudding!

    • Yes! This needs to be a real show. I would most definitely watch it!! 🙂
      (I may not eat the food though!) For a special episode they could make zombie zabaglione (blood flavored custard instead of wine flavored for the vampires, too!), chupacabra choco cookies, and creepy crawler creme brulee so the other monsters don’t feel excluded.

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