My Imaginary Pet Is A Dragon

Greetings Monster Hunters! Sorry for the delays in posting. It’s been a crazy few weeks (for more information, visit my sister blog here and here) and I’ve been writing furiously on MA4, so hopefully you’ll forgive my absence. 

Last week I was on a “Twitter Party” and one of the questions was “if you could have any imaginary/mythical pet or pal, what would it be?” There were a lot of votes for Pegasus, unicorns and Patronuses. All fine choices. One adventurous soul wanted to befriend a Gelfling.  I first suggested a daemon, from The Golden Compass, but as I thought about it more, I realized my heart’s true desire:



Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

I mean, just look at that face! And he flies! If I had a yard big enough for him, this is the imaginary pal I’d love to have. “Forbidden Friendship” from the soundtrack is one of the most listened to songs on my iTunes list, because something about this big scary creature with a mischievous and caring heart got to me. I’ll watch the movie anytime the kids ask and I make them be quiet during that scene. Because it’s awesome. Really.

If you could have any mythological or imaginary pal, who/what would it be?

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