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Monster Hunters!

How are you all? I’m doing well…and by well, I mean pulling out my hair, one strand at a time, trying to edit the final third of #MA5. This is the part of the process I find most painful–that first, full-bore edit. That point when some things work and others don’t and any change could tilt the whole thing to awesome or terrible with one decision.  It’s an anxious time for the manuscript, because I want to do right by all of Matt’s fans, and create something that not only entertains, but leaves everyone with closure (no matter how bittersweet).  So if I’m a little sporadic about posting over the next few weeks, you know what I’m up to. And thanks to everyone who’s sent emails (and my first honest-to-goodness written fan mail!) with encouragement. That’s what keeps me going…and I’m going to bust my hiney to make this the best Matt Archer book yet.

Speaking of which, here are a few cool updates. First, I should have a cover reveal for MA5–which will include both a title reveal and sneak peek at part of Chapter One–in early June. I cannot wait to see how this one turns out.

Second, a very awesome reader (and even better friend) has created a forum on Facebook for Matt Archer fans. You can find it here…I’ll stop by with a few teasers there, as well as on my own Facebook page. Come check it out!

Finally, Monster Hunter got some love on the Awesome Indies blog. This is a book list and review blog dedicated to finding and promoting quality indie fiction. I’m excited to say MA1 received a 4.5/5 star review. You can read it here.

Oh, and I mentioned something about Space Stations in the title here, didn’t I? I love space. No, really–if there’s an astronomy program on TV, I squeal “SPACE SHOW!” and promptly sit down to watch until it’s over. Here lately, I’ve heard about a cool site NASA has that will tell you when the International Space Station is going to fly over your locale. I missed it the other night, but I’m on the lookout, because that’s just amazing. 

I hope everyone weathered last week’s blood red moon well–but if you hear of any monster sightings, give me a shout. Now, I should get back to editing….

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  • I’m so excited for the next book to come out! I can’t wait! I think I’ve reread the other books about three times by now. I just love this series so much! Have you figured out when it will be on kindle? Hang in there, we fans believe in you! 🙂

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