Another Matt Archer 4 Teaser!

Greetings Monster Hunters!

First, I’m excited to announce that Matt Archer: Monster Hunter is FREE for a limited time on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and SmashWords (still working on Nook…).

Now, on to the fun part…I’ve been working hard to finish the first draft of MA4 (I’m writing the epilogue now), so I thought I’d drop another teaser. Here’s a little scene between Matt and his girl. Enjoy!


Will’s BMW barely vibrated as we made our way through the bumpy, pothole-filled student parking lot. Phil, the security guard, gave a us a questioning look, but Will pointed at his current student parking ID. He shrugged and went back to his metal folding chair. For all he knew we had early release or had ditched a class only to come back.

We circled the lot until we found Ella’s car, then parked and walked back to it. Penn didn’t drive, so they usually rode together. I sat on Ella’s trunk, facing the school’s back exit. Will leaned against the passenger door. Neither of us said anything while we waited for final bell to ring.

Once it did, students rushed outside, eager to escape. A few people stopped to say hello when they saw us hanging around, but most just ran by with eyebrows raised, more interested in going home than figuring out where we’d been the last several weeks and why we were here now.

Finally a familiar redhead, keeping pace with a tiny brown-haired girl, exited the school. I slid off the trunk and Will stood up straighter. It took them a minute to realize a couple of strange guys were hanging out by Ella’s car and another twenty seconds for Penn to stop short. Ella did as well, frowning my direction.

Penn let out a squeal that could probably be heard in the International Space Station and started running. Will laughed and braced himself for impact. Good thing, because Penn launched herself a good three feet to land in his arms before wrapping her legs around his waist, not seeming to notice his cast.

“Giant Will!” She planted kisses all over his face. Then she pulled away and smacked him hard on the chest. For someone so little, her hands packed a punch and Will winced.

“Ow! Destroyer, what was that for?”

“For not telling me you were coming home. Or that you broke your arm, you poor guy.” She peeked at me over his shoulder. “Welcome back.”

Without another word, she dropped to the ground, took Will’s good hand and started dragging him in the direction of his Beemer.

I laughed, watching them go. Will had his hands full, no doubt. Penn Stoyer had earned her nickname; Destroyer was a force of nature in a teeny-tiny package. Never mind that Will was fourteen inches taller and more than twice as heavy as she was—Penn was master and commander of that relationship.

I turned to face Ella. She stood ten feet away, just watching me. She was smiling, but there was this almost hungry look in her eyes. I bet I had the same expression, because I devoured her with a glance, taking in the long legs clad in a short skirt, the hypnotic green eyes and her auburn hair in one long stare.

“God I missed you,” I whispered.

She took a few steps closer, like she wanted to delay touching me, to drag this out and make it even better when we finally came together. “I missed you, too.” She scrutinized my face. “Did you break your nose? It looks different.”

“Will broke it. But that’s a really long story and I don’t want to talk about all that yet.” Later…later I’d tell her everything. Right now, I just wanted to get my fill of looking at her.

Ella drifted closer still. “Looks like your ride bugged out.”

Will and Penn were already pulling out of the parking lot. Friday was Millicent’s day off, so they’d have Will’s mini-mansion to themselves since his parents were never home, which explained the hurry.

“I was kind of hoping this gorgeous girl I have a serious crush on would give me a ride.”

She chuckled. “I think Sami Weber is still inside somewhere.”

I groaned. “Seriously? I’m back from a six week op and you bring that up? You have a sick sense of humor, Ella Mitchell.”

YA Bound Blog Tour October 22-27


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Geeks of the World: Unite!

All hail the mighty Sheldon! Let’s begin by reciting our Geekdom pledge of allegiance:

*knock knock knock* Penny?

*knock knock knock* Penny?

*knock knock knock* Penny?

Excellent, this meeting of Geek Court shall now commence. Does everyone have enough Red Bull, Funyuns and M&Ms? If not, we’ll send the robot minions out for more.

As you can probably tell, I’m a proud, card-carrying Geek. I love watching The Big Bang Theory. Not only because it’s hilarious (it is), but because I live The Big Bang Theory. My Prince Charming plays video games, learns programming languages for “fun” and takes me to see Superhero movies. And I adore him for it.

You see, my husband is a software engineer. Most of his good friends are–you guessed it–IT/Engineering types. Their idea of playing football is spirited trash-talk over their fantasy leagues. They have arguments about who’s hotter: Caprica Six, or Starbuck. (Starbuck, by the way). They play D&D. No, really…the dice version. In fact, when the four of them get together, I call them Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. My husband is Raj by the way. Except he can talk to girls just fine.

I’ve always been a SciFi/Fantasy loving bookworm. I watched Krull and Star Wars and Star Trek: TOS instead of MTV. These days I watch very little TV, but when I do, it’s Fringe and Battlestar Galactica and, of course, The Big Bang Theory.  Twenty-five years ago, when I was trying to fit into the high school mainstream, I’d hide my geekier side. I’d dress like the other girls. If I read at school, I was careful to show up with lighter books (reading Dune and The Hobbit at home). Geeks weren’t cool then, and the word “fanboy” didn’t even exist. So I hid.

But now? Now it’s awesome to be a Geek. A geek renaissance so to speak. Comic-con has grown from a gathering of guys who love comic books into Hollywood’s gateway for fanboy buy-in. Want to launch a big-budget film? You better get to Comic-con. It’s become a carnival for everyone who loves Buffy, Firefly, and anything Marvel-ous.  And that “everyone” has grown to epic proportions.

“Geek Chic” is now part of our lexicon.

Or, as my CPA, mystery-reading, PhD-holding, bespectacled Dad used to say, “One day, precious, geeks will rule the world. So let it roll off when those popular girls call you weird. All that reading will pay off one day.”

My Dad was right.