The Darkest Shadow

Hello there Monster Hunters!

Before we begin, please check out this post on as to why I’m no longer directly publishing to Apple iBooks. If you own an iPad/iPhone (like me), using Smashwords is just as easy and efficient…but getting content/updates into iBooks isn’t, so I’m making the switch. If you want instructions on how to purchase books from Smashwords on your Apple device, check out this handy reference.  Thanks for your support!!

On with the show! I think y’all know about my abject fascination with “space shows” and all things astronomical. I posted something from Wired on my Facebook page earlier in the week and find myself addicted to the entire gallery, but I especially love this photo:


Courtesy of Wired

Why this photo? Because these, dear friends, are the deepest shadows ever recorded in space. THE DEEPEST SHADOWS EVER RECORDED IN SPACE. Awesome! I’ll give you three guesses why I like it…but you’ll probably only need one.

From the earliest parts of the Matt Archer series, I’ve been interested in cosmic power and its impact on humanity. Redemption will dig even deeper into that topic. This is cool stuff, and there’s so much we don’t understand (and might never), but it’s still incredible to think about what’s out there.

I’ll have some updates (and an ARC giveaway!) for Redemption coming along in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout. Until next time! 

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  • What do you mean by ARC? Also, if you love space, check out the opening sequence from Contact w/ Jodi Foster. It makes you wonder how far can we really go. Shame we don’t have a 5 yr mission just like in start trek for our space program.

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