Thoughts on Skyfall

Whew, I’m running a little late today! Sorry about that…I know we all need our monster fix, right?  Well, here you go–today’s monster is human.

So, I saw Skyfall over Thanksgiving. I’ve seen most James Bond films because my husband is a fan. I find them entertaining, but it’s not a franchise that I stalk, er, follow like some others. But I’m having a hard time getting this film out of my system. One reason, of course, is Daniel Craig. Seriously, he’s enough to make any woman over the age of eighteen a fan of James Bond. Just sayin’.  And seeing him down and out was particularly interesting. I like a little vulnerability from our heroes every so often.

Yes, Daniel Craig smolders as bond…this is his third Bond film, though; it’s not this “new thing” anymore. So why can’t I get Skyfall off my mind?

The bad guy.

Javier Bardem made Silva dangerous, twisted, yet slick. He was a beast, wearing Armani. He was a genius, while still being crazier than an outhouse rat. I also loved how the movie pushed the envelope in a few places. The way the character was portrayed had every guy in the movie theater squirming with discomfort while Silva interrogated Bond. Frankly, I found that awesome. If James Bond can use his sex-appeal to get information, why can’t that be turned back and used against him? Brilliant.

Silva was chilling because he was possible. To me, there’s nothing scarier than someone who can empty an entire village with nothing more than a computer and his smarts, scrambled though they may be.  And Javier made it even more convincing with his acting. He’s played some freaky/scary bad guys before (No Country for Old Men, anyone? That hairdo was enough to terrify me!), and he’s dang good at it. But think about it…there could actually be a super-hacker out there somewhere, plotting mayhem. Yikes, y’all. Yikes.

Anybody else see the movie? Thoughts? Who’s your favorite Bond villain?


  • Yeah, the chemistry between Bardem and Craig was pretty hot. At one point Bardem says something about “A first time for everything,” and Craig replies, “What makes you think it’d be the first time?” I remember thinking, “Well, James did go to a British public school, after all…”

    And I agree with you about Craig’s vulnerability as Bond. The franchise got silly during the Moore years, and the image of James Bond as an indestructible robot continued through Dalton and Brosnan. Daniel Craig is bringing a sense of humanity back to the role, not a man who can do anything, but a man driven to do whatever is necessary.

    Favorite Bond villain? Carver, from “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Very believable, which always makes them scarier.

    • I started watching Bond during the Bond years, and didn’t discover Sean Connery until college. He’s probably my second favorite, but yeah, Moore made him too slick, and it just continued until Daniel Craig came along.

      I *loved* the line “What makes you think this is my first time?” Priceless.

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