Tin Foil Hats

Greetings Monster Hunters!

Alien UFOWith the anniversary of the “Roswell Incident” I’ve been thinking a lot about conspiracy theories lately. Is Area 51 more than just a governmental research facility? Are their aliens trapped in there? Is Will Smith going to have to learn how to pilot a UFO to save the world?

My writing takes me to some strange places (my imagination is a dark, cobwebby place full of creaky floorboards), but you want to scare me stiff, regale me with stories about alien abductions. Seriously, if a tin foil hat would save me from their experiments, I would make a Fedora out of Reynolds Wrap!

So why are so many nut-cases people obsessed with the idea that UFOs routinely fly over rural Kansas, and aliens live among us? If a civilization had the technology to fly halfway across the galaxy to come check us out, I have to think they wouldn’t be benevolent Star Fleet officers who’d obey the Prime Directive (aka, leave that primitive society alone, yo!).  No, they’d be coming to find cheap labor, natural resources and diet cola. Steven Hawking agrees with me.

Still, there’s something bewitching about the idea that we aren’t alone out here. That somewhere, out in the black, other beings are living, struggling, creating. Maybe they’re kind of like us, and don’t want to turn us all into minions. Maybe they get sassed by their tweeners, have trouble balancing work and family and wonder if there will be cookies at lunch. If that’s true, then we truly aren’t alone.

So, what do you think? Aliens…real or not? And if they are real, do they come in peace?


  • Ahahaha… you’re getting me started. Seriously, if you find yourself stuck, I’m here to help with this kind of research. I can lead you in so many mind-bending directions. 🙂 Some would require watching lots of “documentaries.”
    Jeanne, sitting in the corner, giggling about conspiracy theories.

  • The universe is just too big for us to be alone and in fact bacteria from space has been recovered so technically speaking we have found “alien life.” Do I think there’s intelligent life out there? Yeah, there probably is. Do they come in peace? If they do have that “advanced technology” everyone is raving about, well I wouldn’t think so. I mean, if we were the world with that technology, would we come in peace? Hmm…maybe, maybe not, hard to say. Something to think about though.

    • Kelly,
      I don’t know where I heard it or if it’s been proven true, but I understand that mushroom spores can survive in space. Freaky, huh? And I just brought some home from the grocery. O_o

      • I heard that as well. NASA sent the spores into space and then recollected them, and found out that despite the extreme temperatures and lack of atmosphere, they actually grew more! One theory is that humans were able to ‘evolve’ our intelligence because of foreign bacteria that may have come from space. Okay, my obsession has flared again.

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