Trick or Treat: Coming Soon

Cat on BroomGreetings Monster Hunters!

We’re closing in on Halloween and I hope to have something very special to share with you then–the Matt Archer: Bloodlines cover and a sneak peek!  The book is slated to drop in early January, and I’ll be keeping you updated here, but I’ll also say that subscribers to my newsletter will be getting a few extra “treats” along the way–extended sneak peeks, book discounts and an exclusive short story starring Will Cruessan! So, sign up before Halloween and stay in the know!

Well, I better get back to writing. I’m in the second editing round on the manuscript now, and made some really big strides in tightening up the plot, with help from my awesome husband. Seriously, y’all, he keeps me sane during this phase of the process.  I’m even going on an extended weekend writing retreat next week and he’s holding down the fort while I’m gone.

In the meantime, here are links to various teasers and character interviews/stories I’ve done over the last year or so to tide you over until the cover reveal:

On the Record with Major Tannen

Interview with Jorge

Dani Archer: Heartbreak and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Mamie Archer to the Rescue! Part One  and Part Two

Cut Scene from Blade’s Edge (Will’s football game)

Cut Scene: Mamie’s Nickname

MA4 teaser One, Two, Three, Four


Finally, here’s one last little nugget: Matt’s decided his “song” for book 5 will be “Monster” by Imagine Dragons*:

*(Note: I couldn’t find a single “lyric video” on YouTube that had the lyrics 100% right. This is the closest. The song was written for Infinity Blade 3. Ironic, huh? : D)


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