Howdy, Monster Hunters!

If you are interested in something new and different, I have a new series starting (some of you may have heard about it : D ). To hear more, take a stroll over to my sister site and check out the post. UNSTRUNG will be discounted to $2.99 for the next few days, before going up to $3.99, so grab it while it’s on sale. Here’s a peek at the cover:

Also, I’m going to post more frequently from the Kendra C. Highley webiste. If you are subscribed to the newsletter over here, you might want to subscribe over there, as well, as that’s where I’ll post non-Matt publication news. You can also sign up to receive my blog posts there, too. That way you won’t miss anything.

Finally, I plan to have the odd short story or two over here in the next few months. Things are settling down a bit, and I’m itching to revisit Matt and his team and see what’s up. So be on the lookout. : )

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