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First, I’d like to say Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Monster Hunters!

Second, I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted here. For those of you who’ve been hanging with me on, you’ll know I had a few health challenges in 2014, but I’m back and feeling much better now.

So, lately, I’ve had more projects on my plate than I can manage: the UNSTRUNG sequel, which will be out summer 2015, prepping UNSTRUNG for print (hoping sometime in March), and editing one manuscript and writing another for my publisher. And anybody who writes knows what happens when you have a ton of projects…

You want to write something else. : )

I’ve been thinking about Matt a lot lately. I’m still processing how I feel after the end of the series, and I’m not quite ready to tackle any huge projects, but I have been thinking about a short story/novella collection, and I need your input. Please, keep in mind this will be a late 2015-2016 project. That said, I do want to shake off the rust and write a Matt short story soon. So, if you have some thoughts, here are two questions I have for Matt’s fans:

1) If I were to write a short story now, would you want to read:

a) Ella/Will/Penn graduate from Greenhill Hill (post REDEMPTION)

b) Not-Will (end of LEGEND/beginning of BLOODLINES)

c) Erik Archer and the Nocturna Maura (BLOODLINES)

2) If I were to write a short story compilation, what characters/storylines would you want to see featured?


Leave your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll take a look. In the meantime, the MATT ARCHER: OMNIBUS is on sale everywhere but Amazon (including Google Play!), and will come back to Amazon in April. That had three original short stories in case you’re interested. Also, the UNSTRUNG series is coming along. Check out my Facebook page, or for more details about that series.



  • I would like to see something post Redemption, preferable covering all the main characters. Personally I would rather see a full book rather than a compilation or novella.

  • 1) id have to go with scenario A
    2) mike and julie, the good old babys day out adventures, and i would love to see a matt and ella’s family story. i would also love a will & penn’s family story becuase they arent mentioned in the books beyond the reference to her uncle.

  • Hmm, for the first question I would have to go with either A or C (C would be my first choice). For the second question, I would definitely want to know more about what went on with their lives after Redemption. I would also love to read some more about Will and Penn. Also, in Redemption they fought a lot of monsters and you just had to mention them to keep the story flowing, but maybe you could write some of those fight scenes out, just to get in a little more monster hunting.

  • Ooo! I like the idea of Not Will…

  • Jeeeze, I like all of the ideas you’ve got! But in addition, you can whip up a few more shorts to flesh out that collection right? 😉

    Erik’s POV when he snuck home for Matt’s birth and had to leave again, Jorge’s adventures away from the other guys, and maybe even something from Mamie covering the years as she realized what was going on with Matt and the role she played the war?

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  • 1. I would have to choose scenario A.
    2. So many things I would love to read and find out! Personally, I would love to see a short story about how Matt and Will became friends back in Elementary School. Also, I would love to know more about what happened after Redemption. Some other ideas I was thinking about are the wedding between Matt and Ella, what happens after Matt graduates medical school, anything about Will and Penn, Matt and Kate story. Also, I liked Maria’s suggestions about Erik’s POV about Matt’s birth, Jorge and Mamie.

  • question can you publish the short stories that you have here on your blog into that novel as well. i always get a laugh reading like the mami to the rescue one.

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