What’s Next: 2013

Happy 2013!Happy New Year Graphic

At least I hope so. I’m one of those people who has a “thing” about the number 13, so I told myself that 2013 has to be extra awesome to make up from my unnatural disdain of poor #13.

New Year’s Day always seems a little insurmountable to me, too. All these days in a year–what am I going to do to make it great? I’m not one for keeping elaborate to-do  lists, but I do believe in goals. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Publish Matt Archer 3 (Title to be revealed later) and finish drafting the final Matt Archer novel (MA4). My hope is that MA3 will release in the summer.
  2. Start putting out chapters of my serial novel, Green Sky.  The opening needs retooled, but I think I can start putting out chapters in the fall (I hope). Green Sky is a YA14+, very dark post-apocalyptic set in North Texas. It features almost-sixteen-year-old Jangle–an orphan living in New Fort Worth, who’s facing an arranged marriage and a lifetime of baby-making with a man she abhors–and Asper, a seventeen-year-old escaped slave looking for help to save the other boys still trapped at the Baron sisters’ camp. Add in some cannibals, the disappearance of Jangle’s best friend and an arms race, and that’s Green Sky.
  3. Start planning my next project, which will remain a secret for now, but I’m really in love with it. : D  Here’s a hint–it’s contemporary YA, but pretty twisted.

So that’s my list!  2012 was pretty awesome–I gathered some courage together and published the first two Matt Archer books, and it’s been a very positive experience. A huge thank you to all the beta-readers, reviewers, fans, family and friends who made it happen. It was a scary thing, putting my words out there, but y’all made it worth taking a chance. I’m so lucky to have you all.  Now, forward to the next Big Thing.

How about you? What are your “big things” for 2013?

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