What’s Next?

Howdy Monster Hunters!

I trust everyone has been well. Things have been a bit busy around here and my website has been a little hinkey, so sorry for the delay in a new post. To keep up with the most current news (especially about upcoming projects), trot on over to the Kendra C. Highley site to hear the latest.

So what’s next for Matt and the gang? Well, like me, Mr. Archer needed a vacation. Over time, though, I plan to revisit the team in short stories both in cannon and outside of it. A few people (you know who you are ::evil grin::) have asked for some more “adult” stories. Apparently there are some Mike/Julie ‘shippers out there. I’ll check in with the other wielders, and there might be a few Brent, Mamie, Will, and Erik/Dani stories too. I’m not finished with the universe, but Matt and I need a little time off before diving back in.

As to that vacation I mentioned…well, hopefully the picture says it all. I had a wonderful time with my family, but it’s nice to be back and ready to roll.

Thanks again for all the support.


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