Winners, Bloodlines ARC Giveaway and One Last Teaser

Greetings Monster Hunters, and welcome to the last blog post before Bloodlines releases on January 4th. I hope you and yours have an awesome holiday!

Up first, it’s time to announce the winners of the Bloodlines ARC giveaway! ::drumroll::

 James Scott and Katy Peppel Holder!

Congrats! I’ll be sending along your copies later today. And thanks to everyone who entered. ::happy sigh:: I love giveaways.

Now, as promised, here’s one last teaser from Bloodlines to tide you over until the release. This one is particularly creepy and leads up to one of the freakiest scenes in the entire series.  Oh, that brings me to an important announcement. MA4, like MA3, is absolutely PG-13. It is not intended for younger readers. Please be advised.

Okay, on with the excerpt. See you on the other side!


* * *


Dad drew a sharp breath and took off for the building at a sprint. Dorland staggered out before he got there and vomited all over the ground. The same Dorland who watched everything with detachment, like they were merely targets to be hit. Dad passed him and bolted inside.

I glanced over at Blakeney, who stood guard at the edge of the compound. In the light of the flare, his face was drawn and he stared into the distance like he didn’t see us at all.

“What’s in there?” I asked. When Uncle Mike didn’t answer, I gripped his bicep. “Mike, look at me.”

Calling him Mike snapped him out of his angry simmer. “I’m going to hate myself forever for putting you through this, Chief.”

I took a step away from him. “You ordered me to stay out. Whatever I do now is my own fault.”

He didn’t stop me as I crossed the compound. Dorland sat slumped against the wall of one of the outer buildings. He looked up when I passed and shook his head. I heard voices when I reached the door. Dad and Lanningham must be inside.

Taking a shaking breath, I pushed open the door. A few battery-operated lanterns had been set up along a long hallway running along the back wall of the building. To the right, an open doorway led to a kitchen. The next was a small storage room that smelled of strange spices and a faint musky odor, almost like skunk.

But none of it overpowered the stench of rot coming from the doorway at the end of the hall. I crept slowly that way. There was still time to leave. To avoid seeing whatever was in that room. But my feet had a mind of their own, dragging me toward that final door.

Three steps away, my dad’s voice became distinct. “…digital camera and specimen containers. We’re not going to want to transport any of the rest.”

His voice was cold, unemotional. The super spy had come to work while others flinched.

“Will do,” Lanningham answered. Unlike the rest of Uncle Mike’s team, he didn’t sound like he was freaking out. Instead he sounded incredibly sad. And that was worse.

He came into the hall and jerked to a stop when he saw me. “Officer Archer? Matt’s out here. Should I take him back to the major?”

The pause went on so long, I wondered if my dad was debating himself or ignoring us. Finally, he said, “I’m afraid he needs to see this. He’ll probably understand it better than I do.”

Lanningham squeezed my shoulder, then stepped aside.

Wondering what I’d find, I went through the doorway.


  • GAH! SERIOUSLY?? That’s where the teaser ends?? Ahem. We may or may not have much chocolate bribery in wait for you to give a glimpse at the creepy thing!

  • Wow! How do I survive 19 days until I get this? I can’t wait! On the other hand, given my habit of reading your books in one sitting, perhaps this is best. How much chocolate would bringing forward the new year take? I can fly it airmail. 😉

  • You sure know how to write a teaser…
    Okay, the army of giant robots is poised to invade Switzerland to insure that we are able to provide you with sufficient chocolate to prevent any further delays.

  • I love the offers of chocolate…I’m going to need some as I work on MA5 to sustain me! : )

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